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Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

How To Choose Your Kitchen Sink?

With incredible quality, thoughtful design and a gorgeous range of materials and colors, you can’t go wrong with a Southern Materials Company sink. Our wide assortment offers a variety of brands, sizes and configurations so you can create a functional space that will look beautiful for years to come.

Choose your installation type

There are three sink styles, each with a specific type of installation: top-mount, under-mount and apron-front. Consider your kitchen cabinet size and what kitchen sink installation type will work best with your cabinet configuration.

top mount kitchen sink
top mount kitchen sink


• Easiest to install
• Often used with laminate countertops
• Sink rim extends above countertop surface

Bottom Mount Kitchen Sink


• Mounted beneath your countertop
• Used with solid-surface, stone and quartz countertops
• Easily sweep debris off counter and into bowl

Apron Front Kitchen Sinks


A tile-in sink is specially designed for installation in a tile countertop. It has a flat edge that allows the installer to butt the tile up against the sink and grout the sink as if it were another tile.

• The tile butts against the sink edge for a clean look similar to that of an undermount sink
• The sink edge has square, not rounded, corners

Tile In Kitchen Sink


• Sometimes called a farmhouse sink
• Notable for its attractive front panel or apron
• Short apron option lets you install with conventional cabinetry
• Available in both enameled cast iron and stainless steel
• Available in under-mount, top-mount and tile-in models

Make it yours

Sink accessories make cooking and cleanup easy and efficient. Consider soap dispensers and sprays, which will influence the number of faucet holes on your sink. You may want a bar sink that creates a secondary workstation.

kitchen sink springfield mo


Universal and custom sink accessories add another level of function and convenience. Choose from a wide range of bowl racks, cutting boards, caddies, colanders and more.

• Sink racks protect the sink base
• Cutting boards add functionality
• Sinks such as Stages™, Strive®, Prolific® and Riverby® are designed with integrated accessories
• Basic accessories are available for most sinks

Choose a bowl configuration

Are you more comfortable with a single-bowl or a multiple-bowl model? Do you wash dishes by hand and like a separate bowl for draining? Consider the size, shape and configuration you’d like.

Kitchen Sinks
Single Bowl Kitchen Sink


• Ideal for washing large pots and platters
• Available in a variety of sizes and materials
• Some models feature wet work surfaces for food prep

Offset Bowl Kitchen Sink


• Space and separation for washing and rinsing
• Typically one large and one small bowl
• Available in many configurations
• Smart Divide® feature lets you wash large pans while providing a dual-bowl sink



• Separate bowls offer a versatile workspace in the sink
• Full range of depths including extra-deep bowls
• Smart Divide® feature lets you wash large pans while providing a dual-bowl sink

Smart Divide Kitchen Sink


The best of both worlds. Smart Divide kitchen sinks feature dividers that are half the height of those found in conventional double-bowl sinks.

• Offers the openness of a single bowl with the function of a double bowl
• Accommodates large cookware that standard double-bowl sinks can’t
• Lets you easily transfer large pots and pans from bowl to bowl

Choose a material

Would you like a choice of gorgeous hues ranging from pale to powerful? Are you interested in a subtle matte finish, or do you have your heart set on the classic look of stainless steel? We’ll help you decide.

Kitchen Sink Material Options
KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Springfield Missouri


No other material offers the character and craftsmanship of KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron. Its rich finish and lasting presence make a bold statement.

Strength: KOHLER enameled cast iron sinks withstand whatever your family dishes out, from heavy pots to searing skillets.

Style: Go bold with deep hues, be subtle with pale tones or choose a finish that adds dimensional character.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Classic stainless steel is not only practical, it’s also extremely versatile. It complements any kitchen and is a favorite of enthusiastic cooks and designers alike.

Professional style: While stainless steel’s neutral color and sleek looks work with a wide range of kitchen styles, it’s most often found in contemporary, professional-style kitchens.

Durability: This classic, durable material lives up to its name. Hot pans won’t hurt it, and it’s less likely than harder materials to damage delicate dishware that may slip from your grip.

Preserve Series stainless steel sinks feature a unique scratch-resistant coating that offers even more protection to keep your sink looking newer longer.

Composite Kitchen Sink


Rich color: Neoroc sinks offer a warm matte finish designed to complement the visual texture of natural stone countertops.

Rock-solid design: Exceptionally durable, Neoroc absorbs the impact of falling cookware and is scratch-, stain- and chip-resistant. Hot pots and pans won’t damage the surface.

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