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Three Steps to Finding the Perfect Shower For Your Bathroom Remodel Project

The shower is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom remodel, as it is used almost daily. It’s a place where people don’t only go to get clean, but to think about life or to relax. At Southern Materials Company, we know highlighting the tiny, intricate details of a home’s bathroom can turn it into one of the most lavish rooms in a house, and those details start with a shower remodel.

We Offer Our Customers the Ability to Design Custom Showers or Utilize Shower Systems. So no matter if you are looking for a tile shower, acrylic, marble, or other material, we will be able to help you select and build the perfect shower for your home.

Bathroom remodels have many benefits, including boosting the room’s overall appearance, elevating relaxation levels and increasing storage space. It’s been said that a full bathroom remodel can increase a home’s value by at least 20 percent, and if a beautiful shower remodel is included, that number can go up even more.

Here are a three basic steps you should consider when remodeling a bathroom shower.

Step 1:

Determine How Much You’ll Remodel

First things first, determine how extensive the remodel will be. This is the time to finalize a total budget and figure out the type of style you’re going for with the shower remodel. Do you want a shower that is larger, or do you simply want to change the way it looks? It’s important to figure out exactly how much work you want to do to a shower before diving in head first.

Step 2:

Choose A Shower Type

Are you just renovating the current shower or completely installing a new one? Before you get down to business, make sure the details you choose for the shower will work for the shower experience you are looking for.

Here are a few of the most popular shower types to choose from, and how you can determine which is best for you:

Walk-In Shower

walk-in shower springfield missouri

This is the most spacious type of shower and will usually cost homeowners an average of $6,000. They are commonly used to provide easy access for individuals, but they are a beautiful addition to any larger bathroom. We often convert bathtub shower combinations into walk-in showers.

Shower Stall

Shower Stall Springfield Missouri

A shower stall is the perfect shower type if you’re looking to save space in the bathroom, and their average cost hovers anywhere between $400 and $1,000 depending on the features added and materials used. Pro tip: Add a glass door to the shower to make it appear larger than it is.

Tub-to-Shower or Shower-to-Tub

Bathtub Shower Combination

This type of shower combines a tub and a shower into one product to save some bathroom space, usually costing between $200 and $5,000 depending on the materials used and any additional features. You can use this shower type to soak in a nice relaxing bubble bath or to quickly get in a morning shower.

Step 3:

Identify Your Shower Details

Details include little things like the shower heads and more extensive things like shower wall tiles. While the details may seem overwhelming, taking the time to get it right will ensure you get the shower experience you are looking for.

Here are a few tips to consider as you begin working on the details of a shower remodel:

  • Splurge on the features that matter most. If having a shower head that illuminates different colors is important to you, or if you really want a steam generator, it’s OK to splurge on what you really want.
  • Choose the color scheme carefully. It’s hard to undo any work done on a shower, so ensuring you are happy with the color scheme before getting to work can save you a lot of time, money and headaches.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. Just because you have never had a walk-in shower or a black finished tub doesn’t mean you should be concerned about trying it. If you have seen pictures and determined you like it, follow your heart.

Whether you are looking to simply spruce up a few details of your bathroom shower or completely want to renovate your bathroom and replace the shower as part of the project, thinking about the subtle details will make your shower luxurious. Here are a few of the shower remodel products we provides, and how each one can contribute to the overall look of a shower remodel.

Shower Head

Shower Heads

There are many different styles and functions for shower heads, ranging from flexible and detachable to attached and trendy. Depending on the style and function you are looking for, you can turn a basic shower into an everyday oasis just by replacing a shower head.

There are six main types of shower heads to choose from:

  1. single spray,
  2. rain system,
  3. handheld system,
  4. body spray,
  5. ceiling mount and
  6. sliding bar.

If you are going for a modern, sleek style, we suggest pendant or rain shower heads. If you are opting for a simpler look, we have standard single spray shower heads that come in different colors and finishes, adding a subtle flair.

The shower head you choose affects the amount of water that can flow through it. For example, rain systems typically have light water pressure because water flows through a large surface area. Single spray heads offer a high water pressure feel because the water flows through a small surface area. Depending on the pressure a client is looking for, choosing the right shower head will ensure they take the shower of their dreams — every single time.

Shower/Tub Faucets

Shower Tub Faucets
Shower Only Faucets
Bathtub Faucet
Tub & Shower Faucets
Hand Shower Faucets
Hand Shower Faucets

A faucet upgrade only applies for showers that also serve as tubs. The faucet is where the water will come through first before switching to the shower head. The faucets that we offer come in many different kinds of finishes and styles to suit your bathroom remodel design.

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