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Extra Large Custom Shower Springfield Missouri

Custom Shower Ideas by Southern Materials Company

25 Custom Shower Design Ideas

Say Goodbye To Cookie-Cutter Remodels and Hello To Unlimited Design Options! This is DesignFirst Bathroom Remodeling by Southern Materials Company! Where the only limitations for remodeling your bathroom is your imagination!

At Southern Materials Company we believe in providing our customers the ability to remodel their bathroom without limits. Below are some creative ways our bathroom design team has helped customers in Springfield Missouri and the Great Ozarks remodel their bathrooms and discover just how easy their dream bathroom can be created!

The Extra Large Custom Shower

Jaw-dropping master bathroom design showcases an extra large shower with bench seat and soaking tub.

His and Her Custom Shower

What’s more luxurious than having his and her showers? This expansive master bathroom design showcases two identical twin showers with a center soaking tub. Each shower is equipped with a frameless glass enclosure and its own sitting bench.

Custom Shower With TV

Now who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite TV show from the shower or bathtub? This contemporary shower design offers white marble walls with an assortment of shower heads for a true spa experience.

River Rock Shower Floor

A shower with a river rock floor can look alluring and bring some of the natural environment indoors. Especially loved by many Table Rock Lake homeowners who love to bring the outdoor style inside their lake home’s bathroom! These tiles are actually mosaics and typically come in 12 x 12 sheets from the store.

Shower with Pattern Tile

The beautiful cement pattern tiles in this shower really make a statement.

Custom Shower with Gold Finishes

Gold finishes are making a comeback. This contemporary shower offers a variety of gold to match harmoniously with dark tile and light marble surfaces and a dark tile floors.

Custom Shower with Herringbone Pattern Tile

A herringbone pattern tile shower creates a stunning look that can really turn heads. This shower design features a rich brown porcelain tile with a frameless glass enclosure. Two types of shower heads is an added bonus to give it a spa-like ambiance.

Custom Shower with Contoured Wall Tiles

The 3D wavy tile found in this shower is the perfect complement to a contemporary designed bathroom space. The tile has a contoured look that stands out and creates a lot of visual interest.

Custom Doorless Walk-In Shower

A doorless walk-in shower can be a stylish addition to a bathroom. Probably the best reason for a doorless design is there is no shower door to keep clean.

Multiple Shower Heads

A shower with multiple shower heads can be an advantage for those who like a variety of options. Some of the popular types include rainfall shower, pulsating sprayer, and wall jets. It’s also a great idea for couples who can’t agree on their favorite style of shower head.

Modern Bathroom Custom Shower

This modern bathroom design showcases a wood grain porcelain tile with a sprayer and wand shower head. Rather than having a wall cutout for soap and shampoo this shower opted for a small pedestal for necessary toiletries while bathing.

Private Spa Shower

An indoor spa shower can be achieved with the right ambiance. For a relaxing look this shower utilizes a variety of natural stone surfaces combined with a wood shower bench and green tropical plants for a soothing effect.

White Subway Tile Shower

White subway tile in the shower is a traditional design look that is still in style to this day. The bathroom featured here provides an extra large subway tile matched together with a dark granite floor tile and marble bathtub top.

Glass Shower with Half Wall

A shower with half wall provides some privacy for the bather. This type of shower is a good option for couples who want more modesty or have a bathroom design that is open to the master bedroom.

Shower and Bathtub Combination

A shower and bath combination is the perfect way for bathers to go effortlessly from tub to shower without getting cold or dropping water all over the bathroom floor. This gorgeous bathroom design uses an assortment of finishes such as cultured marble for the vanity, porcelain tile floors & walls, glass tile backsplash and beige stone for the shower floor.

Shower with Body Spray Jets

This beautiful bathroom design features a frameless glass shower with multiple shower heads and jet sprayers. Marble mosaic floor tile and marble vanity contrasts well against the darker central square feature tile. An extra large freestanding pedestal tub with a view offers a great spot to luxuriate.

Custom Rainfall Shower Shower

An oversized rainfall shower can be a completely relaxing experience after a hard day at work. This spa sanctuary retreat bathroom goes for a natural look with plenty of green plants and wood finishes to provide a place for total rejuvenation.

Custom Shower with Natural Light

This gorgeous bathroom design provides an abundance of natural light for anyone enjoying the large glass shower. The room’s cathedral ceiling is installed with multiple glass panes to let in light and keep room feeling like a natural outdoor oasis.

Wood Style Porcelain Tile Shower

This wood style shower is made from porcelain tile and creates an amazing looking wood design without all of the maintenance issues of wood in a wet environment. The light wood tones of the wood look porcelain tile above evoke a feeling of a rustic farmhouse while the other finishes bring in a more contemporary style.

Carrara Marble Shower

Carrara marble is a popular choice for shower designs with costs that range anywhere from $125 to $300 a foot. Since marble is porous it is highly recommended to use a high quality sealer to help prevent discoloration of the natural stone.

Frosted Glass Privacy Shower

Adding a frosted glass privacy shower to your bathroom is suited for those who want a little more concealment. This Asian style bathroom with natural wood flooring is complemented by its large rounded tub and frosted windows and shower enclosure.

Steam Shower

If you’ve ever been to a health spa you might have run across a steam shower. This type of shower contains a moisture sealed enclosure so that one can command it to steam via digital controls to relax sore muscles as well as clear the skin and sinuses. Steam showers can be custom built or can be purchased as stand alone units.

Custom Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is ideal for those who on the water or have a pool and need to spray off before entering the house. It also works well in a warm environment or for the more adventurous who like the idea of showering under the sun or stars. The addition of teak wood and lava rock helps to reinforce that natural feel throughout the space.

Quartz Shower

Quartz is a great choice for the shower because it is a non porous stone that will not absorb water and will help make things easier while cleaning. Home owners also find quartz to be a very durable surface material that has a wide range of colors and graining to choose from.

Walk-in Shower with Bench

There are several great reasons to install a bench in your walk in shower designs. Not only does it look stylish, a shower bench offers convenience, relaxation, storage and accessibility for those unsteady on their feet.

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